Courses in ENGLISH

The following courses are also delivered in English:

  1. Aquarell Painting (5 hrs course)
  2. Oil Painting (5 hrs course)
  3. Landscape Paintings (3 hrs cours)
  4. Step by Step beginers meditation course (3 cycles, 3 times 75 minutes each)
  5. Portrait drawing course from beginners to intermediates.Course C1(12 hrs course, only in March or April. yearly)

  6. Workshop – Music and Sound Healing for everyone. 
    This two hour harmonising workshop is for everyone speaking English, Deutsch or Slovak who would like to experience how pure tones of the medical tuning forks influence the human body, psyche and emotions. Self-tuning using one’s own voice, singing of ancient chants, mantras, playing drums and rhythms are also available.
    Modern science has confirmed that a human being is an electromagnetic frequency entity with a unique biofield. Each person's voice has its own specific colour and frequency. Body organs and body systems lead fine electrical currents and pulses from the brain and create a unique electromagnetic field. This opens new possibilities to improve our health and emotions with the help of tuning forks, music and voice. These techniques using special musical instruments for healing are being applied since antiquity. The workshop offers a unique and pleasant experience of self-discovery, relaxation and harmony.
  7. One on One Art Therapy (2 hrs one session)
  8. One on One Energy  and Crystal Therapy (1 hrs session)

  9. One on One Sound Therapy (1hrs session)

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Portrait drawing course for beginners to intermediates. Course C1

Learn the basics of realistic portrait drawing in 3 four hour sessions. No previous experience is required. Desk easels, all drawing materials, refreshments and a model are provided. The course is delivered in English by Mr. Robert Stollar, an Australian sculptor in the pleasant space of Galeria ZIV, Trenčianska 53, Bratislava. The course is organized by Association of Integral Education (Združenie pre integrálne vzdelávanie).

Kurz je vhodný aj pre tých, ktorí si chcú zlepšiť svoje základné znalosti anglického jazyka a naučiť sa niečo nové.
Would you like to brush up your English language skills while learning something new? Join our new portrait drawing course for beginners to intermediates delivered in English.

Session dates and times:  12 hrs course, 3x4 hours, only in March or April, yearly.

 Price: 170 EUR (for 12 hours)  

Registration: To take part in the course, please register by e-mail



About Robert Stollar 


Robert always had the desire to learn to draw. He taught himself the human anatomy and elements of drawing which naturally progressed to figurative sculptural work.

Between 2002 and 2008 alongside his artistic oeuvre he trained himself as a graphic designer, editor of commercials and motion graphics designer which allowed his journey though several advertising agencies. The figurative sculptural work connected with the digital world in exploring 3D animation.

The 3D work and compositing skills culminated in film work. Between 2008 and 2011 Robert worked as a VFX Artist and Film Compositor on 13 feature films, which included Baz Luhrmann's Australia, Jane Campion's Bright Star, Peter Weir's The Way Back, Samson and Delilah, Animal Kingdom and Mao's Last Dancer. The ability to pick up new skills fast has always been greatly helped by his knowledge of figure drawing.

In 2012 Robert returned full time to drawing and sculpting. His ability to carve stone allowed him to take part in restoration work on such iconic buildings as Sydney Town Hall. His latest exhibition opened at The Regional Art Gallery in Broken Hill on 22 August 2014.