Stands for The Association of Integral Education

Excerpt from The AIE Memorandum preamble:

„AIE has been established to enable the need to link the endeavour of individuals and organisations to explore the knowledge on the recent world evolution. The purpose of the AIE is to act on the development of the knowledge on mutual relationship between the material and spiritual part of the human life and application of this knowledge in the practice.”

- AIE (ZIV) is non-political, non-for-profit organisation promoting the integration of spiritual knowledge and values into existing forms of the education. 

- AIE is the project oriented. Recently the projects concern: creativity development, personal integrity and health, relations development, integral management and consulting.

- AIE works in partnership with Ken Wilber´s Integral Institute.

- AIE has been established in 1999.

- AIE welcome the partnership based on the idea sharing and, contributing to their living application.

Many things speak for the suggestion that the world is different than it seems to be and as we learn in the school or we perceive.

They are several reasons that are leading man to seek its hidden face, to seek the answers to the questions that could be summarised into following one: how can man live on the Earth the valuable, harmonic, joyful life? Simple answer: by integrating material and spiritual knowledge in the daily life.

Integral education provides the knowledge on the spiritual part of the life of Man, Earth, and the Universe, accessible to everyone who is ready to perceive. It integrates this knowledge with the one on the material world to improve the life quality. 

World is as beautiful as we may just imagine… the human heart is the best guidance.

Creative manager